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E-Shop Expo 2013 (20th & 21st of March)

VdH Logistics was present at the E-shop Expo 2013 providing new and existing clients more insight in the current logistic services of VdH. if you were not able to visit us at the E-shop Expo 2013 and still would like to meet us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transparent follow-up of orders and stock

To service his clients even more, VdH has developed a new web-application. This tool provides the client on a transparent and accessible way a constant stock overview, allows order placement and follow-up and reporting.

The possibilities of the web-application are unlimited and allow even more tailor-made insight to the client concerning the handling of his goods at VdH.

Thinking about the future!

At the beginning of 2012, VdH invested in a new building site of circa 10,000 m² in the SMB area “Heihoek”.

This building site will be used to support the future growth of VdH and to extend services towards our clients. In stages, extra warehouse, office and commercial areas will be constructed.

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VdH Logistics

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VdH Logistics 2ième site

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