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Warehousing / E-Fulfilment

From stock management to dispatch

VdH offers a total package of warehousing services, ranging from storage and order picking to dispatch and reporting. Advanced technology, a strong organisation and numerous built-in control procedures guarantee a high quality and flexible service.

Are you looking for a full-service partner for your stock management or web shop, or are you planning a savings or gift campaign? Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation free of any obligation!


1. E-fulfilment / webshop logistics:

E-fulfilment covers all logistical operations required to bring goods to the premises of the end customer following an order placed at a webshop.

VdH Logistics offers full e-fulfilment support for the most efficient and cost-saving order-picking and dispatch of web orders.

E-fulfilment at VdH Logistics involves the following:

  • Web orders placed on your web shop are forwarded to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) through a web interface or batch file (XML, XLS or CSV).
  • Based on these web orders, the WMS issues a pick order for our order-pickers who collect the required goods at the warehouse.
  • For each web order, the most suitable packaging material is used to prepare the order for dispatch, depending on the size, weight and fragility of the goods.
  • On a daily basis, web orders are sent from the VdH Logistics warehouses by means of various dispatch facilities (Bpack, UPS, DPD, TNT, etc.). The exact dispatching method is at all times determined in consultation with you.
  • Handling returned goods can be arranged, at all times in consultation with you.
  • A web application allows the monitoring of order processing and dispatches.

Some advantages of E-fulfilment for your webshop:

  • Storage:
    Storage in our warehouse saves you the investment in extra space. Forklifts for reception of big deliveries, warehouseman for reception and follow-up at any time of the day, secured storage accommodation, … everything at the service of your webshop.
  • Economy of scale:
    As VdH logistics provides packaging services (material and shipping) for many different clients, you can profit from an economy of scale for both packaging material and shipping costs.
  • Time saving:
    Waiting for delivery of goods, quality control, outbound preparation for either B2C or B2B, search for the right packaging material, reception of returns, preparation of shipping labels,… We take care of everything.
  • Return treatment:
    Reception, quality control, possible reshipment to new address or placing back in stock. VdH Logistics takes care of the follow-up services.
  • Optimal shipment channel:
    As a function of your goods and orders, we provide you different shipment channels. The exact dispatching method is at all times determined in consultation with you.

Having VdH Logistics take care of your e-fulfilment allows you to concentrate on the core business of your web shop, such as product placement and customer canvassing.

2. Receipt of goods:

  • Goods are quickly and efficiently received at special loading and unloading zones.
  • VdH immediately checks the goods on quantity and quality.
  • The goods are processed through our WMS. The WMS registers incoming and processed goods, allowing you to consult the real-time stock through our secure web application at any time.
  • All stock movements can be clearly reported to you.

3. Storage:

VdH has a storage capacity of some 5,500 m² spread across two locations. The goods are taken into stock based on quantity and picking frequency per pallet or as bulk stock.

4. Order-picking and dispatch:

Based on the goods in stock, you can always submit an order to prepare the goods for dispatch. You decide on the packaging and type of transport.

5. Reporting:

VdH ensures clear reporting on  receipts, the stock level and order processing. You can also consult the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as turnaround speed, stock value, the number of stock days, etc.


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