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All mailing activities under one roof.
Direct mailing and e-mailing are powerful means of communication that have already demonstrated their effectiveness.

Direct mailing
VdH supports you in word and deed with your direct mailing from A to Z. The success of your mailing campaign depends on various factors:

  • Determining your target group
  • The quality of your address file
  • The composition and content of your mailing
  • The skilled filling of your envelopes and packages
  • Processing and preparation in line with Belgian and international mail standards

Together, we optimise the format of your mailing, depending on machine or manual processing and postal regulations, while ensuring the most advantageous method of sending.

Companies increasingly manage their communication streams online. This is why VdH has developed tailored internet applications to manage e-mail campaigns. We make your communication efficient and measurable by means of various channels and intelligent scenarios!

For each step in the production process, we offer you expert advice and a solution tailored to your needs:

1. Concept, design, and content

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Your mailing is your business card. So make sure that the content and form of your mailing is professional, powerful and coordinated.

VdH works with experienced copywriters and graphic designers to give your mailings the form and content that perfectly match your objectives, target group and house style. We also provide professional, creative and technical support for your e-mail campaigns.

The form, format and choice of material for your direct mailing can have significant consequences on for instance postal rates or the cost of printing and preparation for sending. Our expert advice can save you a host of unnecessary expenses.

2. Address management

The success of a mailing campaign depends entirely on the address list. A mailing may well be original, but if the name or the address of the recipient is wrong, it will either never arrive or there will be a big risk of it immediately disappearing in the trash.

VdH provides you with professional address lists that we can select based on a number of criteria such as language, age, residence, field of business , position, etc.

Are you sending a message to your own address list? We can clean (make uniform, remove duplications, sort, correct, supplement, etc.) the list into a correct and efficient database. VdH can also permanently manage your address list, regularly adding up-to-date information (address changes, new clients and prospects, marketing information, etc).

3. Printing

VdH is also the place to be for printing your letters, flyers or brochures. VdH is your partner for high-quality offset or digital printing. We work with professional printers who connect traditional skills to advanced technologies.

4. Personalisation

A mailing in which you personally address the recipient always scores better results. This can be through a name and address, but also a personalised paragraph or image.

Simple or thorough personalisation with a number of variables - personalisation on a letter, envelope, postcard or on foil, in colour or in black and white - our (digital) printers can take care of it all.

It goes without saying that for your e-mailing too, we can apply numerous personalisation variables.

5. Preparation for dispatch

After the printing and personalisation of your direct mail, it can be prepared for dispatch. Our machines fold, cut and staple your printing, and place it in envelopes or foil, along with any annexes.

For manual processes such as adding or attaching a sample or DVD, we are happy to offer you a tailored quotation.

6. Dispatching

You do not need to concern yourself about dispatching. We are happy to take this on and arrange all the necessary formalities. Plus, we always find out what is the most economical way of dispatch for you.

We work with various postal services for international dispatches. Each country has its own rules, conditions and rates. We have experts available, who make sure that you will always benefit from the best postage rates.

7. Response processing and follow-up

After your mailing campaign, you will obviously want to know about the response.

VdH processes and measures the response from your direct mailing or e-mailing and neatly puts the results in a clear report.

We also take care of the necessary follow-up: placing orders, sending samples or catalogues, and real-time stock management with our Warehouse Management System.


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